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When you prepare government exam then Syllogism/Venn Diagram has most important and scoring part. you can’t forget this Syllogism tricks. many aspirants who prepare IBPS PO, IBPS clerk, RRB Po, RRB clerk, NICL, LIC, SBI Po, SBI clerk and another government exam most of the cases he does not solve Syllogism topic within the time period that’s the reason not clear sectional cut-off & all over cut-off even many students have no idea for how to drown diagram. The Exam-cloud provide the best way to solve the question without pen and paper after more and more practice. 

There is 16 Conclusion is possible.

  • Some A are B
  • All A are B
  • Some A are not B
  • NO A is B
  • Some B are A
  • All B are A
  • Some B are not A
  • No B is A
  • Some A Can be B
  • All A can be B
  • Some A are not B is possibility
  • NO A is B is a possibility
  • Some B can be A
  • All B can be A
  • Some B are not A is possibility

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Simple Syllogism Tricks Examples 

Statement 1: All A are B

All A is B

Conclusion              IN the Diagram some A cover B portion and  Some 
Some A are B            B is cover A portion and All A  available in B.    
Some B are A
All A are B  



Statement 2: Some A are B


Conclusion                  In the Diagram A Cover B part and B cover A part
Some A are B              But All A is not cover B part and All B not Cover A
Some B are A              this condition our statement completely not follow.
All A are B(wrong)
All B are A(Wrong)

Statement 3: NO A are B

no B are A
no A are B
Some B are not A
Some A are not B

Statement 4 – Some A is B and Some B is C


Some A are B     Some B are A    NO A are C
Some B are C     some C are B     No C are A

There is no Connection Between A & C.

Statement 5 – All A is B and All B is C


All A are B                Some C are A           All B are C
some A are B            Some A are C           Some C are B
All A are C                 some B are A          Some B are C

Statement 6: Some A is B. All B is C.



Some A are B     All B are C           Some A are C
some B are A     some B are C       Some C are A    some C are B

The possible conclusions are

Statement 7: All B is A and All C is A



All B are A      Some A are B       Some C are A
some B are A  All C are A            Some A are C

Direct connection between B and C. don’t assume condition between
B & C


Statement 8: All A is B and No B is C

ABC Conclusion

All A are B            No C are B             Some A are Not C
Some A are B       Some B are not C
Some B are A       Some C are Not B
NO B are C          No A are C

The Possible Conclusions are

Statement 9: Some A is B; No A is C  


All A are B             no C are A
ABC6Some A are B         some A are not C
Some B are A        some c are not A
no A are C             some B are Not c



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